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Unrivalled Seychelles fishing expertise, top-of-the-line vessels and sustainable catch-and-release practices: A1 is the responsible choice for experienced anglers and novice fishermen alike.


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Half-day fishing charter

Enjoy a Seychelles angling session in the morning, returning with enough time left in the day for other island pursuits.


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Full-day fishing charter

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The 115 islands that make up the Seychelles, and the 1.4 million square kilometres of ocean that surrounds them, offers some of the richest and most diverse fishing grounds on earth, in one of its most beautiful locales, no less. Learn more about which species you can catch in Seychelles, the islands’ seasons & geographic info.

The main inner islands, of granite formation, lie on a shallow plateau with depths averaging around 50m, and the waters are abundant with tuna, bonito, dorado, wahoo and sailfish. At the edge of this plateau – commonly known here as ‘the drop-off’ – the ocean floor plunges to 2,000m, with a greater variety of fish on offer, and with it better chances at encountering marlin and larger trophy fish. We can organize full-day trips to the drop-off as well as combination trips within the inner islands for both fishing and leisure, an ideal family option with opportunities for snorkelling and visits to remote beaches.

Just a few degrees below the equator, the islands offer warm, tropical weather all year-round, but the climate does have a degree of seasonality, largely defined by two opposing trade-winds. The northwest trade-winds between December and February are typically the wettest time of year. The southeast trades from June to August, by comparison, are much stronger and drier, and this can sometimes lead to choppy seas on the open ocean. The periods in between the two trade-wind seasons – March and April, as well as October and November – are characterised by very little wind and calm sea conditions. No matter the season, there will always be opportunities to fish depending on what you’re targeting.

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We catch for the sake of sport,

and release for the sake of the catch.

As seriously as we take our fishing, we’re equally stringent about protecting fish stocks and conserving the marine environment. Not only for future generations of fishermen, but also for Seychelles’ food security, an often overlooked risk given the islands’ isolation in the Indian Ocean.

We operate with a strict catch-and-release policy for billfish, and what we do keep is limited to those fish from sound stocks, for immediate consumption only.

We work closely with the Seychelles Sports Fishing Club (SSFC), and other conservation organisations, in all of our activities. We’re proud to be a founding participant in the SSFC’s tagging programme, so that every billfish we catch is tagged and immediately released back into the sea, and we proudly display our mast flags quayside to signify and promote our released catches.

A1 and the SSFC are proud partners of The Billfish Foundation (www.billfish.org), as well as the International Game Fishing Association (IGFA) Great Marlin Race, a satellite tag programme that seeks to learn more about marlin movements throughout the ocean.

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Our ethos
Our ethos

A1 Fishing and Yacht Charters has a wealth of Seychelles fishing expertise that has established a shared culture at our company: one that leans on best local practices developed by, and for, all our captains and fishing guides.

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Our methodology
Our methodology

Our crews seek out every individual factor that can swing the odds, to reward our clients with spirited catches and memorable adventures.

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Our company

A1 is a Seychelles-owned and Seychelles-registered company, the directors of which have been involved in the country’s tourism industry from its very beginnings.

Our vessels operate from the Eden Island Marina, on the east coast of the main island of Mahé. All of our vessels are fully licensed and insured, and each of our captains and relevant staff are qualified according to the Seychelles Maritime Safety Authority and its formal certification process.

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